Gofuku Kanda

We want to pass on Japanese kimono culture.

We have a wide variety of kimonos, from long sleeved, formal, to semi-formal, or even fashionable ones such as; plant dyed, hand-woven, or regional pongees. Popular "Kawagoe tozan" is available as well. It doesn't matter how old you are or whether you are a man or a woman, we want people to become familiar with kimonos and realize how wonderful kimonos could be.

Also, we have a wide variety of Japanese items waiting for you, perfect for daily use or as a souvenir, such as "furoshiki" (Japanese wrapping cloths), traditional face cards, handkerchiefs, hand towels, towels, and handbags. These are sure to become a well treasured keepsake.

Kimono is a "wizard"!

  1. When you wear kimonos, your back straightens up.
    With your crouched back, kimonos do not look beautiful, so you'll naturally straighten up, not giving stress to your stomach and your bowel.
  2. Sash for ladies' kimonos work as corsets protecting the lower back.
    Sash would be like a corset, and with the upright position, lower back will be protected.
  3. So much can be expected from silk.
    China, the birthplace of oriental medical science, is doing a medical study of silk. There are actual reports of long term inpatients with atopic dermatitis and bedsore symptoms getting better.
  1. Kimonos are excellent for insulating heat.
    Some kimono lovers wear kimonos every day during winter since it is warmer than regular clothes.
  2. Zouri and Geta ( Shoes for kimono ) are kind to feet.
    Zouri and geta cannot be excluded from the kimono look. Unlike some shoes, they are irrelevant to hallux valgus and will massage your sole pressure points.
  3. Kimonos will fulfill your desire to change.
    Not even an expensive dress can make Japanese ladies look more beautiful than a kimono. It will cover the unique body shape Japanese ladies tend to have, and make them look even more attracting and gorgeous.
  4. Wearing kimono is like doing a stretch.
    Your body will naturally be in a position where you stretch your muscles, for example; tying the sash behind your back, or when fastening a clasp ...etc.
  1. People will be kind to you when you are wearing a kimono.
    There is an actual example that a taxi driver opened the door and helped a lady get off the cab.
  2. People think kimonos are tiring to wear, but there is a whole lot more excitement before wearing it.
    The enjoyment of deciding which kimono to wear, which sash to tie, and how you want to color coordinate the decorative string and the sash bustle will always beat the troublesome feelings you will get before wearing kimonos.
  3. Kimonos can express emotion.
    How you want to wear a kimono, put the collars together, and to color coordinate the kimono and the sash, shows the state of your mind.
  4. Understand Japanese proverbs / sayings from the kimono look.
    For example,
    opening one's heart,
    Even a chance meeting is due to fate,
    to hang on to one's sleeve,
    money under the table,
    part company with~,
    one's financial position,
    too much spoils, too little is nothing.,
    to become a geisha,
    to put oneself straight,
    to leave a matter in somebody's hands,
    ... and so on.

These are the advantages of wearing a kimono. Please feel free to stop by our store and enjoy Japanese kimono culture.