Traditional Succession - 川越大師 喜多院
Traditional Succession

Traditional Succession


Daruma Festival


On January 3 of every year, purification ceremonies are held in honor of the monk Sonkai, who reestablished Kitain in 1292. This is also the day the Daruma Doll Festival is held, kawagoe's second biggest festival after the Kawagoe Festival (October). Dealers selling daruma dolls, stylizations of Bodhidharma who founded Zen Buddhism in China during the sixth century, flood the temple grounds and surrounding streets with their wares. When this doll is bought, one of the pupils is painted in and a wish is made. The other pupil is painted in if one's wish is realized. 


Seven Mysteries of Kitain

One of the seven mysteries concerns why bells should not be rung on the grounds of kitain. Other tales talk of dragons, foxes, and beautiful women.




Kitain has several gardens both inside and outside the museum area. Planted with plum,cherry, and maple trees, plus a variety of flowers, particularly hydrangeas and azaleas,the gardens change their faces thoughout the year.


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