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Fine china store "YAMAWA"

As you enter our"kura"style store with its black walls, dynamic columns and hari(beams),we exhibit china pieces that are made by local artists. Farther back in the store,we have many china/glass pieces in corners labeled with chaming names(in japanese!)such as"necessary glasses"(glass pieces), "my daily china"(china pieces that are used in every day life),and"as you like"(gift pieces).

Yamawa Club, Pottery Classes

In our"kura"style storage room* behind the store,we hold pottery classes for customers who want to enroll in a long term course or simply try a one day class.

Long-term classes

Morning classes

Tuesday of each month 10:00 to 12:45
or Wednesday of each month 10:00 to 12:45

Afternoon classes

Tuesday of each month 13:15 to 16:00
or Wednesday of each month 13:15 to 16:00

Registration fee 10,000 yen(one-time fee)
Monthly fee 8,500 yen(includes 3 classes, excludes baking fee)

One day class (you will become an artist for the day)

(Daily schedule)
10:00-12:00 Instruction & Make your own china
12:00-14:00 Free time
14:00-15:30 Apply the final touches to your pottery

Fee 3,800 yen[Clay of 1kg] (includes materials and baking)
or 6,000 yen[Clay of 1.8kg] (includes materials and baking)
If you need lunch(sweet potato mini-kaiseki at our Cafe Torocco,special price 1,900 yen),
please have a reservation in advance.


*This"kura"space an also be used as an art gallery,concert hall
or for other events.

Cafe Torocco

In one corner of our store "Yamawa" we have Cafe Torocco,which serves Kawagoes famous and very popular sweet potato mini-kaiseki(A sweet flavored sticky rice set sweet potato portrage). In the summer, please enjoy our home-made iced maccha (fine green tea) or our maccha"slush"(iced fine green tea and sweet red bean paste).In the winter please try our hot maccha(Omaccha) or our hot red bean drink with a sweet potato flavored rice cake.Our cafe features high-chairs,high-tables of blacklacquered wood with unique cup holders (holes in the table top) and bag hangers.Also,since we use our own fine china in Cafe Torocco, you can enjoy using these fine china pieces.

Fine china store "YAMAWA"

ZIP : 350-0063
PHONE : 049-222-0989 FAX : 049-222-0948
E-MAIL : kura@touho-yamawa.co.jp

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