"Kotobukian KuranoMachi" is located in Kuradukuri Townscape (Ichiban-gai Shopping Street) at the center of Koedo Kawagoe sightseeing.

We serve the specialty Kawagoe Matcha soba and Nihachi soba and Tempura.

Please try and enjoy traditional Japanese dishes.

Recommended menu

Matcha Wariko Soba Seven stacks. JPY 1,900
Seven stacked Matcha Soba and seven condiments : (Shrimp Tempura, Grated yam, Quail eggs, Dried Seaweed, Nameko grated radish, Sesame, Green and Red Shiso leaf).

We prepared seven kinds of traditional Japanese condiments.
So you can eat typical Japanese food with this.
Please try special dishes while enjoying the taste of soba that changes by each condiment.
(Condiments are prepared each season and may change.)

Match Soba and Tempura rice bowl set  JPY 1,900

Local special dish

Matcha Wariko Soba

Stacked Matcha Soba with many condiments.

Three stacks JPY 1,200

Five stacks JPY 1,550

Princess Koedo JPY 1,950
5 stacks, sweet potato tempura, sweet potato ice cream.

*photo image : Princess Koedo 5stacks

Princess Koedo  JPY 1,950

Cold Soba

Seiro JPY 800
plain noodle.

Nishoku JPY 1,200
two kinds of plain noodles.

Yamabiko JPY 1,100
with grated yam and raw egg.

Michinoku JPY 1,000
with nameko grated radish.

Tenzaru JPY 1,480
with tempura.

KamoSeiro JPY 1,590
with hot duck and welsh onion.

*photo image : Michinoku

Michinoku  JPY 950

Hot Soba

Genpei JPY 1,350
with tempura and roasted mochi.

Tempura JPY 1,600
with tempura.

Tentoji JPY 1,400
with egg drop and tempura.

Tamagotoji JPY 1,000
with egg drop.

Kinoko JPY 1,250
with many kinds of mushrooms.

TsukimiImo JPY 1,250
with grated yam and row egg.

KamoNamban JPY 1,590
with duck and welsh onion.

CurryNamban JPY 1,150
curry noodles.

*photo image : Tempura

Tempura  JPY 1,600

Side dish

Itawasa JPY 600
kamaboko with grated horseradish.

KonnyakuDengaku JPY 450
boiled konjak topped with miso.

AgenasuDengaku JPY 500
ried eggplant topped with miso.

AgeMochi JPY 400
fried rice cake.

Tentane JPY 1,600
assorted tempura.

OimonoTempura JPY 700
sweet potato tempura.

Side dish


KawagoeRakan, Local Sake JPY 580

Beer JPY 600

Beniaka, Sweet potato beer JPY 680

Soba shochu JPY 780

Soda pop JPY 250

Orange juice JPY 250

Oolong tea JPY 250

*The price includes tax.
*The contents and prices are subject to change.
*All images are for illustrative purposes only.